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LRYHA Team Banner Policy

The following shall be the Banner Policy for teams wishing to hang banners commemorating tournament, post season play or state championships.

General Banner Requirements for Approval:

Banners must be in good taste, clean, neat, have correct grammar, and contain no commercial comment.
No banners may be attached to the ice arena without the permission of the Laconia Ice Arena (LIA) and only in a manner and place where such approval is given.
Banners will be no larger than two feet by six feet (2’ x 6’) and it is recommended that any lettering be at least four inches (4”) in height for visibility.
All banners must clearly state Lakes Region Youth Hockey Association or LRYHA in letters at least four inches (4”) in height.

Approval to hang banners:

Permission must be obtained through the LRYHA Board of Directors. Permission must be received at least 25 business days in advance of the hanging date.  To obtain permission, a proof of the proposed banner must be sent to the LRYHA Board of Directors by email to 
Banner applicants may choose to send several proofs with the hopes of getting one banner approved.  If several proofs are sent, the applicant should note the preference of said choice (i.e. first choice, second choice etc).  If several proofs are sent, the LRYHA Board may choose one or approve all but only one banner selected by the applicant from the approved banners may be hung.
Teams wishing to hang banners must do so at their own expense. No expense, debt, charges, barter or exchange of services shall be incurred on behalf of Lakes Region Youth Hockey Association or the Laconia Ice Arena in the creation, ordering, design or hanging of any banners.
Facilities Management at the LIA reserves the right to charge a fee for the actual hanging of the banner. Please contact the LIA by for further information.
All arrangements to hang a banner are the sole responsibility of the applicant.  Unveiling ceremonies  that occur during LRYHA events require LRYHA Board approval and the coordination of these ceremonies and logistics in conjunction with the LIA and the LRYHA Board remains the responsibility of the applicant.


Banners are hung at the sole discretion of the LRYHA Board and the Laconia Ice Arena and may be removed at any time without notice. 
All Banners hung become the property of the LIA.
This policy is subject to change without notice.