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Locker Room Rules

  1. Players are NOT to remain in the locker room without adult supervision. If you are in the locker room and there are no adults you need to leave.
  2. No Horseplay. Do Not Push or Shove Anyone
  3. Do Not Run
  4. No Stick Play outside the Ice. Only Proper Stick Play on the Ice
  5. Do Not Throw Items
  6. No Ethnic, Racial, Sexual Comments or Behavior
  7. Show Respect at all times – no Derogatory Comments or Hazing
  8. NEVER Criticize another player
  9. Keep the Locker Room Clean - Discard all trash in trash cans. This includes wrappers, cups, papers, tape, etc. Leave the locker room cleaner than when you arrived. 
  10. Honor the Player Agreement
  11. Take Pride In yourself and how you behave.
  12. Be ready for practice on time and games at the assigned time
  13. Do not take items that do not belong to you. If it appears an item has been left behind, give it to a coach or the Arena Office so they can try to return it to the owner. 
  14. Listen – Pay Attention when you are addressed either individually or as a group. 
  15. Don’t linger in the locker rooms. Do not make your coaches wait for you while you get ready to leave. The Locker Room is a place to get ready, to learn or a place to get undressed. It is not a social place
  16. Players will be held personally responsible for the destruction of any property. 
  17. No Disruptive Behavior of any kind. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  18. No cell phone cameras, mp3 cameras, video or camera equipment of any kind in the locker room.  Locker rooms are for changing - not taking pictures. Players who take pictures in the locker room are subject to suspension. 
  19. Click for USA Hockey Locker Room Policy/ Safe sport information

If in doubt, ask yourself "Would mom or dad let me do this at home?" If the answer is no, then you shouldn't be doing it in the Arena either. 

The Locker Rooms, Playing Area and the Arena are like classrooms in a school. They are places of learning. The Locker room rules are in effect to ensure a safe environment where learning or preparation to learn can take place. If you choose to break any of the above listed rules, disciplinary action against you will be taken. We will not tolerate behavior problems in our Locker Room, Arena or on the ice.