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Thanks to all of our sponsors!

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Fundraising Opportunities



$3500 in 30 days!


Lakes Region Youth Hockey requires all players to participate in a mandatory fundraiser, selling of raffle tickets for a cash calendar. Each player is required to sell 20 raffle tickets for a total value of $200 OR they must pay an additional $200 in tuition.

Players will be issued their raffle tickets at the beginning of the season. The raffle ticket stubs and money will be collected at the end of October. The raffle drawing will take place during November and all prizes will be mailed to the winners before December 1st.

There are creative ways to sell raffle tickets including setting up a table outside of businesses who grant permission in advance.

Players can opt out of this fundraiser simply by paying the two hundred dollars, but we would suggest you put your name on each calendar so that you still have a chance to win.  With $3500 dollars in prize money and 30 winners, the more you enter, the higher your chances of winning.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL CALENDARS:  Any member electing to sell additional calendars can do so and receive either a credit on tuition (this year or next) or a rebate on tuition already paid.  Members electing to sell additional calendars above the required amount will receive a 25% credit or rebate of the total amount sold. This is a great way to save on tuition as well as give those that want to support you a chance to win.  

Questions regarding calendars can be submitted to


Do you know a business or organization that would enjoy the benefits of sponsoring one of our Laker hockey teams? Well, you can help both the league and yourself by helping them participate in our Team Sponsorship Program. Here’s a partial list of the benefits that sponsors receive:

  • Sponsor’s name on team uniforms - Gold level
  • Team photo and plaque - Gold level
  • Mentions in team press releases - Gold level
  • Multiple arena logo displays
  • Online add w/link on league/team site
  • League newsletter presence

A Laker player will receive a tuition savings/credit of 25% of monies received to the league for securing sponsorship. Sponsorship details are posted in the "Sponsors" section under the "About" tab. Further questions can be addressed to


More Lakers is good for the league...and way more fun!! If you have a friend who has been thinking about joining our hockey family for the first time, give them that final nudge and help yourself at the same time! Just have the new player jot down the Laker player who “brought” them on their league entry form to qualify for the “Bring-A-Friend” reward.

A Laker player will receive a tuition savings/credit of $50 for each Learn to Skate and Mini-Mite player, and $100 for each Mite, Squirt, Pewee, or Bantam player who they recruit as “rookies’ to the league. When your friend registers online ask that they send an email to Jen McGreevy our registrar at Ask them to provide their name as the new skater, as well as your name as the referring Laker family.


A Laker player will receive a tuition savings/credit of 25% of monies received from cart or hole sponsors for our golf tournament. The more you bring in, the more you can save...all while helping the league! Tournament details are posted each year prior to the event, which is held late September/early October. We also always need help in securing raffle items if you are willing to talk with local business owners whom you may know. Please email for information on how you can help.