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Concussion Policy

To help insure the health and safety of our athletes, LRYHA has adopted the concussion policy recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We ask that ALL coaches, players and parents support our effort to protect the players by teaching the importance of following USA Hockey’s “Heads Up” hockey principals and by being aware of the symptoms and signs of concussion.

If, following a blow to the head or blow to the body that jolts the head, any player has any of the following signs or symptoms, the player must be removed from play immediately and cannot return until cleared by a qualified healthcare professional.

Players WILL NOT be allowed to return to play until written permission from a qualified healthcare professional with experience in evaluating concussions is received. Coaches should never allow any athlete to return to play if they are still exhibiting symptoms regardless of any medical clearance.

Any coach/player/parent who suspects that a player may have recieved a head injury, should report that injury to the LRYHA Board as soon as is practically possible. Coaches/Parents/Players should read the following appropriate documents put out by the CDC and adopted as part of the LRYHA Concussion Policy.

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