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    Calendar Raffle!!!

    This years Calendar Raffle winner are......

    Dec 1st-  Travis O'Donnell  $25

    Dec 2nd- Dave Bartlett $50

    Dec 3rd-

    Dec 4th-

    Dec 5th-

    Dec 6th-

    Dec 7th-

    Dec 8Th-

    Dec 9th-

    Dec 10th-

    Dec 11th-

    Dec 12th-

    Dec 13th-

    Dec 14th-

    Dec 15th-

    Dec 16th-

    Dec 17th-

    Dec 18th-

    Dec 19th-

    Dec 20th-

    Dec 21st-

    Dec 22nd-

    Dec 23rd-

    Dec 24th-

    Dec 25th-

    Dec 26th-

    Dec 27th-

    Dec 28th-

    Dec 29th-

    Dec 30th-

    Dec 31st-

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