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    For a full list of sponsors visit our sponsor page under the "About" tab

    Thanks to all of our sponsors!

    Arms and ammos
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    2018/2019 Evaluations



    Board Meetings


    Any and all members of the Lakes Region Youth Hockey Association are encouraged and welcome to attend all board meeting. They are usually the 3rd Tuesday of the month! 

    Thank you


    2017 December Raffle Calendar Winnwers

    December 1: $500 Maren & Chris Bicknell

    December 2: $25 Rhonda Gregg

    December 3: $75 Taylor Lavallee

    December 4: $50 Brad Jenkins

    December 5: $35 Paul Poilirer (sp?)

    December 6: $55 Drew (Gilford)

    December 7: $25 Max Paganini

    December 8: $50 Paul McAuliffe

    December 9: $45 Paula Grassie 

    December 10: $100 Lynne Turmel

    December 11: $50 Mike Smith

    December 12: $45 Paul Schuck

    December 13: $45 Mary Embree

    December 14: $50 Robin Bonan

    December 15: $35 Amanda Lamper

    December 16: $35 Karen Gunderson

    December 17: $100 Vita Marie Torres

    December 18: $100 Vita Marie Torres (winning tickets drawn by different children for each day)

    December 19: $35 Caroline Cook

    December 20: $55 Penny Ferris

    December 21: $25 Bittle

    December 22: $50 Marion Tobias

    December 23: $100 Andy F Estrella

    December 24: $1000 Matt Tondreau

    December 25: $100 Jim Rollins

    December 26: $35 Christine Hurley

    December 27: $45 Uncle Lance

    December 28: $50 Miranda McClary

    December 29: $35 Chris Ciskeros

    December 30: $50 David Brown

    December 31: $500 David Piper

    2017/2018 Team Sponsorship

    A HUGE thank you to our 2017/2018 Laker Gold Team Sponsors:

    Mite Black: Drew's Affordable Metal Roofing

    Mite Red: Barnz Cinema

    Mite White: Lakes Region Arms & Ammo

    Squirt 1: ArborTech

    Squirt 2: AthELITE In FOCUS

    Peewee 1: Cafe deja vu

    Peewee 2: Inspired to PickFit

    Bantam 1: Allan Gilbert Builders

    Bantam 2: Fay's Boat Yard


    Congratulations to our Bantam 1 team.. 2017 Black Cat Tournament Champions!

    Congratulations to our Bantam 1 team.. 2017 Black Cat Tournament Champions!

    Coaches Registration

    Coaches...Please use this link:

    to register for the 2017/2018 Season!

    Thank you!!!

    Coaches Needed for the 2017/2018 season!!! Head coach and assistant coaches!

    ‚ÄčWe are looking for coaches for the 2017/2018 season!

    We are looking for people that may be interested in coaching for the 2017/2018 season.  Now is the time to let us know you are interested!  Head coaches and assistant coaches are needed at all levels!  WE NEED YOU!  

    Please contact Charlie Gallagher at if you are interested or have any questions at all!


    Learn to Skate


    Mites: Birth year 2009/2010 (and possibly 2011+ depending on experience)

    Squirt: Birth years 2008/2007

    Peewee: Birth years 2006/2005

    Bantam: Birth years 2004/2003

    Anyone is welcome.... head coach, assistant coach, helpers.... it takes a village!!

    No experience necessary!

    League e-mails

    If you are not registered and signed up on the league website, you WILL NOT receive league emails!

    Please be sure to log into the team website.  We CAN NOT do this for you or add you to the email list.  You need to sign up!!  

    Click at the top right hand corner of the website to login or create an account.  The email you  provide when you do that will be the email you will received important league information on!!!!  

    Registering your child or yourself for a team through member solutions DOES NOT REGISTER you for league emails!!  You must register for the website through Sportsengine!!

    If you have any questions, please contact the league webmaster, Nancy Bickford, at


    Laker Nation


    Equipment - Proper Fit

    We recommend you watch these helpful videos on the importance of proper fitting equipment. Click the link below and then on each equipment title to watch the video's -

    We also have some helpful tips under "Equipment" - click on the "Resources" tab. Thanks!