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Family Deposit (deadline extended) - to secure your player's roster spot

Hello LRYHA -

Please use the link below to secure your player's roster spot for the 2015-2016 season. This form is only for the $200 family deposit which is required by 5pm Sunday, March 29th. (We've extended the 24 hour deadline.) We will be posting another link in the next two weeks to the form where you will pay the balance of your tuition or set up a payment plan. Questions: lryhatreasurer@gmail.com.


Family Deposit (deadline extended)

Hello LRYHA - 

Please use the link below to secure your player's roster spot for the 2015-2016 season. This form is only for the $200 family deposit which is required by 5pm Sunday, March 29th. (We've extended the 24 hour deadline.) We will be posting another link in the next two weeks to the form where you will pay the balance of your tuition or set up a payment plan. Questions: lryhatreasurer@gmail.com.


2015-2016 Rosters

Mite Black
Ellis, Sean    
Embree, Jaxson        
Gallagher, Makenzie    
Gunderson, Alex    
Harris, Finbar        
Irons, Gavin        
Javalgi, Micah        
McGreevy, Carson (G)    
Mercier, Brayden    
Roy, Tyler        
Sousa, Clinton        
Stafford, Aiden        
Turmel, Bryce    

Mite Red
Bekar, Drake        
Bialecki, Logan    
Cellupica, Christian    
Cotnoir, Caden        
Ellingson, Ethan        
Kelly, Kylie        
Lafrance, Nolan        
Londer, Rock    
Rabuck, Mariam    
Rogers, Jak    

Mite White
Byars, Colton        
Danforth, Christian    
Fusonie, Parker        
Girard, Benjamin    
Girard, Ethan        
Gray, Mason        
Kelley, Shire        
Marchand-Correia, Gavin  
Payne, Lila        
Porter, Anthony        
Rowley, Alex        
Svinland, Asher

Squirt 1
Cafarella, Zachary
Carter, Isaac        
Cookingham, Geena   
Gerbig, Nathan        
Guerin, Evan        
Johnson, Gavin        
McKenzie, Aidan    
Ribieiro, Adam        
Rollins, Brody (G)    
Sargent, Sean        
Shoemaker, Grady    
Sousa, Kyle        
Spicuzza, Zachary    
Taylor, Bronson        
Turmel, Ryan 

Squirt 2
Bittle, Alexander    
Collins, Jackson        
Cotnoir, Mason        
Defosses, Owen        
Doris, Rory        
Fay, Mischa        
Gately, Andrew        
Gilbert, Sophia        
Goodwin, Brendan    
Kenny, Patrick (G)    
Mondor, Olivia        
Morin, Jaden        
Randall, Jack        
Rowley, Leanna        
Stefan, Riley        
Stefan, Lydia  

Peewee 1
Flannery, Dylan        
Gilbert, Zack        
Guerin, Owen        
Paganini, Maximillian    
Rollins, Evan (G)    
Rowley, Andrew    
Smith, Carter        
Sousa III, Michael   
Spicuzza, Andrew   
Stefan, Zoltan    
Young, Kameron

Peewee 2
Bittle, Zachary        
Bousquet, Ryan        
Chassie, Trevor       
Ellingson, Eric        
Goodwin, Patrick (G)    
Moulton, Logan        
Perry, Breydon        
Pucci, Benjamin        
Riopel, Andrew        
Schmitt, Phillip       

Bantam 1
Cammack, Nathan
Dunalp, Blake
Fountain, Trent
Gallagher, Trevor
Gardiner, Benjamin (G)
Jarvi, Cameron
McGreevy, Colin (G)
Mohan, Patrick
Pollak, Camille
Reid, Cole
Rumery, Carter
Shirley, Nathan

Bantam 2
Alfieri, Jeffrey
Blackey, Cooper
Blake, Joseph
Demers, Eddie
Derynioski, Derek (G)
Malak, Rabuk
Robarge, Will
Schmitt, Jeffrey
Shevlin, Jayson
Stevens, Tim


Tryouts Coming Up March 23 -24 and March 26 for Bantams!!!

2015 – 2016 Lakes Region Youth Hockey Season Tryouts are Here!!!

Important Info:

 Register  here and pay the $50 tryout fee BEFORE March 22nd  

 Participate in tryout warm-up practices on March 16th and 17th – at the time slot for the level you are trying out for (ex: if you are a 2nd year Squirt you will practice at the Peewee time)

 Mites, Squirts, Peewees - Attend tryouts on March 23rd and 24th – be sure to arrive early so your player has time to sign in and get his/her pinny assignment.  Please be sure your player attends the appropriate session.

 Bantams – Attend tryouts on March 26th @ 6:30-8:00.

 Be informed of your player’s placement by March 27th.

 Make deposit of $200 per family within 24 hours of player placement notification

Who should attend Spring Try-Outs?

Anyone interested in playing for the Lakers during the 2015-16 season. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY FORMAL TRYOUT FOR THE 2015-16 SEASON. Your player’s position on a team this current season will have NO impact on their placement for next year.  

It is important that all players participate in this tryout process.  As in the past, we hope that as parents you will help your players: register, prepare and participate in the established tryout sessions.  In the event, that your daughter/son cannot make tryouts or a portion of them, we ask that you inform the

President in advance. Do not skip tryouts and wait until the fall and attend practices with the hope of being placed on a specific team – placements in the fall will be the exception, not the norm.

Will we need to make a financial commitment to secure a position on a roster?

 Yes. Each family will be required to make a $200 deposit within 24 hours of March 27th to secure a position on the roster. This deposit will serve as your commitment to play for the Lakers during the 2015-16 season.

Will tuition costs be going up and why?

At this time we anticipate that tuition rates will be the same or near same as last year.  As always, this depends heavily on our membership. Setting our tuition rates is a highly complex process that is influenced by many factors including:

* number of players we have within the association during any given year

* ice cost has not been set yet, but we anticipate an increase of 2-3%

 * cost of additional benefits provided to players by the association

 * amount of money raised through fundraising efforts

2015 Scoring Concepts Summer Training Camp

August 3-7, 2015 All Day Camp at Plymouth State University
2 on ice sessions daily
Video Skating Analysis
Daily Dryland Puck Handling and Outside Activities
Use of All the PSU Campus Facilities
Guest College and Junior Counselors
Free Camp Jersey and Daily Prizes and Drawings
Register online- www.scoringconcepts.com

Laker Nation - Making Some Noise!!!

LRYHA would to thank you all for joining us at our closing celebration. We had a great turnout – 86 families! It was great to see all the kids skate as a family. Thanks to DeeJay JR Lacey for doing our announcing. We appreciate all your feedback.

Election results:

President –        Marcy Kelley 65%/Lynne Turmel 35%

Registar -          Jennifer McGreevy

League Rep -     Don Cafarella

Secretary -        Barbara Ribeiro

We want to thank everyone for voting and for all of our candidates for their willingness to step forward and offer to make a difference in our organization. Let’s continue to make some noise!

Here's a link to the Laker Nation story in the Citizen


Laker Nation


Squirt II's Finish Strong

The Circle Dental Squirt II Team finished as the runnerup in their division in the Seacoast League

Fay's Boat Yard Bantams = Champs

The Fay's Boat Yard Bantams are Seacoast Champs!

Peewee I wins Seacoast

Allan Gibert Builders Peewee I team takes Seacoast Tournament

Peewee II - Seacoast Champs

Belmont Family Dental Peewee II - Seacoast Champs!

Laker Closing Celebration March 19, 2015 6-7pm

Hello Laker Nation -

LRYHA, from Mini-Mites up through Bantams, will be coming together on Thursday, March 19th from 6pm-7pm to celebrate a successful season. We have appreciated your feedback from prior years to assist us with making it fun and just the right length! There will be no coach speeches this year to give the players more time to skate. Most coaches are having or have had more intimate year end team parties.

The evening will include the following:

  • 6pm - All skate under the lights to your favorite songs (Wear black team jersey, skates & helmet – no locker rooms)
  • 6:10pm – A brief season end summary & thank you from our President, Marcy Kelley
  • 6:15pm - Announcement of teams, coach handshake &  trophies (“Deejay” JR Lacey)
  • 6:45-7pm - All skate back under the lights

Jersey Collection will occur at tryouts so that we may focus on an evening of fun with little distraction. Please bring both black and white jerseys to your tryout. (For those few not trying out we will collect them at the close of the celebration upstairs in the warm room). Please leave name and sponsor tags on jerseys – we will carefully remove as needed next season.

PLEASE VOTE! Elections for President, Secretary, Registrar, and League Rep will be held during the celebration. An email will go out later today with a list of candidates. We will include a letter from each candidate who has opposition, as to why they deserve your vote. Ballots will be available when you walk in the lobby and the Ballot Box will be just inside the rink. The By-Laws were improved earlier this season to allow two votes per family (membership includes Learn to Skate through Bantams), and results will be posted within 24 hours.

***Please arrive early as we may have a few extra minutes of ice time before 6pm for the all skate. Reminder again there will be no open locker rooms – it will be dark as we skate under the lights.

We look forward to celebrating a successful 2014-2015 season!

LRYHA Board Elections March 19, 2015 6-7pm

LRYHA Election By-Laws: Elections take place in the spring of each year at the annual awards ceremony with new members assuming office at the meeting following the elections. In order to maintain stability and experience on the Board, terms in office will be two years and staggered by odd and even years (based on season start date years). Election results will be posted within 24 hours. A Board member may not serve more than three consecutive terms.

Positions of President, Secretary, Registrar and League Representative will be elected in odd years and will serve a two year term.

Positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Scheduler and Fundraising Coordinator will be elected in even years and will serve a two year term.

Candidates for the 2015-2017 seasons are listed below:

  • *President:
    1. Marcy Kelley, Incumbent
    2. Lynne Turmel, Candidate
  • Secretary:
    1. Barbara Ribeiro, Incumbent (unopposed)
  • Registrar:
    1. Jennifer McGreevy, Incumbent (unopposed)
  • League Representative:
    1. Don Cafarella, Candidate (unopposed)

*Attached are letters from Marcy & Lynne to assist with your decision on electing our President.

Positions of ACE Coordinator, Assistant ACE, Referee in Chief, Webmaster, Equipment Coordinator, Mite/Squirt Delegate, and PeeWee/Bantam Delegate are elected/appointed annually and serve one year terms.

Voting will take place at our Closing Celebration on Thursday, March 19th from 6-7pm. Thanks

Please Respond to the Annual Member Satisfaction Survey

Each year the Board surveys our members to see how we are doing and to see how we might improve. 

Please follow this link to our 2014/15 Member Satisfaction Survey

Thanks for taking the time. Your feedback will help us keep the Lakers experience fun and competitive. 

The Harris Family Furniture Lakers Mite Black AAU A Division Runners Up

Harris Family Furniture Lakers Mite Black Team came in second in the A Division of the AAU State Tournament. The tourney director (Wes from Concord) gave them a "shout out" at the trophy ceremony for coming so far for a 'small town team/organization'.

GSL Tier III Champs

The Allan Gilbert Builders Peewee I Lakers won the GSL Tier III State Championship

Annual Member Satisfaction Survey

Each year the Board surveys our members to see how we are doing and to see how we might improve. 

Please follow this link to our 2014/15 Member Satisfaction Survey

Thanks for taking the time. Your feedback will help us keep the Lakers experience fun and competitive. 

Mite White and Mite Red Teams at Heylinger Tournament

The Mite Red and White teams competed at the Heylinger Tournament this weekend.

Eric Ellingson: from Learn to Skate to battling for the puck in one season!!!!

Eric Ellington started in Learn to Skate 3 months ago. Here he is battling for the puck in his first game as a Laker playing for the Pee Wee II team coached by Tim Gerry.

LRYHA Board Elections

The following Board of Director Positions are up for election for the 2015-17 hockey seasons:




League Representative

Interested candidates must submit a letter of interest and qualifications to Marcy Kelly, LRYHA President, at lryhapresident@gmail.com,  no later than March 6th to be placed on the ballot.  If you have questions about what each position entails, please see our By-Laws on our website or contact a Board member.


Elections will take place at closing ceremonies on March 19th.​  

Patrick Mohan, Andrew & Zach Spicuzza, & Bronson Taylor help fill 1800 Pond Hockey Classic gift bags - LAKERS raised $3662 for the 2015 Pond Hockey Raffle!

Lakers storm the 2015 Challenge Cup in Marlborough, MA

As we anticipate the Blizzard of 2015, let’s first say congratulations to the Lakers organization who took the Challenge Cup by storm this past weekend! The Harris Family Furniture Mite Black team had two wins and a loss by just one goal. The Circle Dental Squirt 2 team had two wins and a loss. The Belmont Family Dental Center PeeWee 2 team had a win, tie and a loss. The Newfound Plumbing & Heating Squirt 1 team had a win and two ties to bring them into the playoffs on Sunday. The Allan Gilbert Builders PeeWee 1 team and Fay’s Boat Yard Bantam team were undefeated with three wins each to take them into the playoffs on Sunday. The Newfound Plumbing & Heating Squirt 1’s lost in the playoff 4-1 but left the ice proud.

Allan Gilbert Builders’ PeeWee 1’s won 4-0 and Fay’s Boat Yard Bantam’s won 3-2 in the playoff round to advance them to the afternoon championship games. What a nailbitter both games were, being played at almost the same time as we ran from one end of the 7-rink building to the other to catch all the action. The Bantam’s were down 1-0 to the Nonotuck Knights from Easthampton, MA with less than two minutes left in the game and tied it up. With less than 45 seconds left they scored their second goal to take home the hardware! Just after this amazing win in the last three minutes, the PeeWee 1’s turned a 0-0 game against the Wonderland Wizards from Bridgeport, CT into a win on a power play!

The Lakers organization couldn't be more proud of all the players accomplishments with all teams with wins under their belts, three teams making it to the playoffs, and two champions out of six teams entered into the tournament. We bonded as players and parents and had a great weekend of hockey! Thanks to all for traveling to Marlborough and a special thanks to Dawn Guerin our Tournament Director for the help with our accommodations. Stay safe this week!

Marlborough Tournament Champs - Lakers Allan Gilbert Builders PeeWee I & Fay's Boat Yard Bantam Teams

Mites thank Greg Gerbig for his service to our country.

Heeee's BACK!!!!

Tuesday, Grady Shoemaker was officially added to the Squirt II roster. Grady's journey is such a great example of prayer, hard work, determination and "grit" paying off! Please join us in welcoming Grady and his family back to Lakes Region Youth Hockey!

Help the Rink!

Kraft foods is sponsoring a $150,000 arena improvement donation contest! There is a 2nd & 3rd place cash prizes as well. We NEED people to log in & write a few words about what makes OUR rink great & why we deserve the prize. PLEASE take some time & fill this out & SEND IT ALONG TO OTHERS AS WELL. Link: CLICK HERE

 THANKS! Will Fay, Laconia Ice Arena –Manager

Kraft Hockeyville wants you!

From backyard rinks, to downtown community arenas, the passion for hockey exists all over this country. But which community’s passion for hockey burns brightest? Kraft Hockeyville is looking for America’s most passionate hockey community.

Up until March 18, 2015, tell us in 2,500 characters or less what makes your community so passionate about hockey. The winning community will walk away with the title of Kraft Hockeyville, and host a 2015-2016 NHL® Pre-Season Game in their community broadcast live from NBCSN, plus $150,000 towards upgrading their local arena courtesy of Kraft.

Minis getting ready for first game!

Minis getting ready for first game tomorrow!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from your Board of Directors

On behalf of the entire LRYHA Board of Directors we would like to wish you the very Merriest of Christmases and Happy Holidays! Enjoy time with your families and good health to all!

Merry Christmas from all the Elves

Scoring Concepts Program

Andrew Trimble's Progressive Skills Development Program      Read More

Reminder - Zero Tolerance Policy

As a reminder to our parents and families, USA Hockey has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to conduct at USA Hockey sanctioned sporting events.  Comments made should only be positive and encouraging and may never be disparaging to a player, coach or official.  These matters will be taken seriously by our organization and could result in disciplinary action.

The "Laker Way" has been to welcome other parents to our facility, act respectfully to coaches and officials, and give opposing players their due. We have maintained those standards when visiting other facilities.  Let's be sure to continue with this same philosophy.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Marcy Kelley
LRYHA President

Lakers Apparel - Online ordering

Online ordering is here! For anyone wanting to order apparel for the remainder of the season, follow the instructions below. Ordering is easy:
Go to the website: https://piches.itemorder.com. The sales code for the Lakers order form is LAKERSHCKY14. Simply type in this code and press enter and you’ll be brought to the order form.
If you have any questions email Dana Johnson at lryhaequipment@gmail.com. Thanks

Equipment - Proper Fit

We recommend you watch these helpful videos on the importance of proper fitting equipment. Click the link below and then on each equipment title to watch the video's - 


We also have some helpful tips under "Equipment" - click on the "Resources" tab. Thanks!

Mini Mites & Learn to Skate (LTS)

Please see the attached flyers for information regarding both programs. Mini Mites will begin Monday 11/10/14 from 5:00-5:55pm and LTS starts Saturday 11/22/14 from 10:50-11:50am. Registration info is included in each flyer. 

REMINDER - A Laker player will receive a tuition savings/credit of $50 for each Learn to Skate and Mini-Mite player who they recruit as “rookies’ to the league. When your friend registers online ask that they send an email to Jen McGreevy our registrar at lryharegistrar@gmail.com. Ask them to provide their name as the new skater, as well as your name as the referring Laker family.

Welcome to our new Interim Secretary and 2014-15 Delegates

Please see the attached letter welcoming our newest members. 

Up Coming Games

No upcoming events found.

Upcoming Practices

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