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    Lakers Apparel - Online ordering

    Online ordering is here! For anyone wanting to order apparel for the remainder of the season, follow the instructions below. Please note we can no longer promise delivery in time for Christmas. Ordering is easy:
    Go to the website: https://piches.itemorder.com. The sales code for the Lakers order form is LAKERSHCKY14. Simply type in this code and press enter and you’ll be brought to the order form.
    If you have any questions email Dana Johnson at lryhaequipment@gmail.com. Thanks

    Equipment - Proper Fit

    We recommend you watch these helpful videos on the importance of proper fitting equipment. Click the link below and then on each equipment title to watch the video's - 


    We also have some helpful tips under "Equipment" - click on the "Resources" tab. Thanks!

    Andrew Desjardins Essay Contest Winner

    We would like to thank all eight Lakers who entered essay contest entries. They included Ethan Bickford, Jackson Collins, Logan Bialecki, Patrick Goodwin, Adam Ribeiro, Andrew Rowley, Andrew Spicuzza, and Zachary Spicuzza. Mr. Desjardins had a very difficult time choosing a winner. He was impressed by all the time and thought that went into the essays. The winner is Jackson Collins who submitted his essay in a beautiful report binder. Congratulations Jackson! Jack was awarded a $100 tuition refund at his 11/9 game. Info on the Andrew Desjarsdins Scholarship Fund and each years winners will reside under its own tab "Andrew Desjardins" - under the "About" tab. 

    Mini Mites & Learn to Skate (LTS)

    Please see the attached flyers for information regarding both programs. Mini Mites will begin Monday 11/10/14 from 5:00-5:55pm and LTS starts Saturday 11/22/14 from 10:50-11:50am. Registration info is included in each flyer. 

    REMINDER - A Laker player will receive a tuition savings/credit of $50 for each Learn to Skate and Mini-Mite player who they recruit as “rookies’ to the league. When your friend registers online ask that they send an email to Jen McGreevy our registrar at lryharegistrar@gmail.com. Ask them to provide their name as the new skater, as well as your name as the referring Laker family.

    Register at Scoringconcepts.com


    Checks will be mailed this week in time for your holiday spending!


    Date Winner Amount     Sold by

    Judy DeCoste   $50 Sean Sargent
    2 Anna Hazen $25 Dominic DuBreuil
    3 Tim Wells $25 Zoltan Stefan
    4 Kathleen Doris $50 Rory Doris
    5 Lea Klock $25 Andrew Spicuzza
    6 Jeff Fay $1000 Mischa Fay
    7 Bob Christie $25 Bittle Family
    8 Barbara Bona $25 Brayden Mercier
    9 Jonathan Horman $25 Zachary Cafarella
    10 Matt Tondreau $50 Griffin Tondreau
    11 Diana Main $500 Ethan Ellingson
    12 John McCarvill $50 Nate McCarvill
    13 Daniel Whitty $25 Dylan Flannery
    14  Matthew Davis $50 Ryan Fields
    15 Deb Mercer $25 Cameron Jarvi
    16 Crystal Prentiss $50 Tamara Gallagher
    17 Melissa Smock $25 Colin McGreevy
    18 Ryan Bousquet $25 Ryan Bousquet
    19 Larry Davidson $50 Max Paganini
    20 June Bolduc $25 Will Robarge
    21 Kelli Sargent $50 Sean Sargent
    22 Sandy Graves $25 Brayden Mercier
    23 Rich Ricker $25 Bree Ricker
    24 Adam Ribeiro $50 Adam Ribeiro
    25 Jessica Levesque $25 Tyler Roy
    26 Kelsey Piper $50 Ryan Bousquet
    27 Anna Smith $50 Carter Smith
    28 Matt Parker $1000 Andrew Riopel
    29 Peter Flannery $50 Dylan Flannery
    30 Joyce Finn $50 (unknown)


    New Hampshire Festival Team Tryouts

    From the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association:


    Interested NH resident ice hockey players looking to represent their state at the 2014-2015 New England Festival the registration form is now available to submit through the NH Hockey website. In order to try out for this year’s NE festival teams you must register for your particular age group tryout session through the online form.

    Things will work differently this year for tryouts and payments than in previous years. We will be collecting all tryout fee payments at the registration desk for your particular age group. You must bring a copy of your emailed receipt from registering online with a check or cash payment to cover your tryout fee.

    Registration Information

    All New Hampshire Festival Team Tryout Registration must be done using the online registration form on the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association Website (http://www.nhhockey.com/). Failure to register online may result in the player not being able to attend tryouts for their particular age group. Click Here for the registration form.

    • Festival Tryout Pre-Registration Fee is $60.00

    (The Pre-Registration Fee will be in effect for your particular age group up to 4 days prior to the first day of tryouts for your age group.)

    • Festival Tryout Walk-in Registration Fee is $100.00

    (The Walk-in Registration Fee will be in effect for your particular age group on or after 3 days prior to the first day of tryouts for your age group.)

    • Click Here for the Festival Tryout Dates and Times for each age group

    All Registration Fees need to be paid in full at the registration table on the date for your particular festival tryout prior to the player participating in any on ice activities. You will need to bring your registration receipt from the online registration process with you to tryouts.

    Note: All Walk-in Registrations will be placed in Session B, where there are multiple tryout sessions.

    Welcome to our new Interim Secretary and 2014-15 Delegates

    Please see the attached letter welcoming our newest members. 

    Up Coming Games

    • Nov
    • 29
    X-Ice Jamboree at Margate Resort Mite Red
    • 9:40am (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Laconia Ice Arena
    • Tag(s): Mite Red 
    • Nov
    • 29
    Circle Dental Squirt 2 at Upper Valley Storm Squirt 2
    • 10:45am (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Wendall A Barwood Arena in Hartford, VT
    • GSL Regular Season game
    • Tag(s): Lakes Region Squirt 2 
    • Nov
    • 29
    • Nov
    • 29
    Harris Family Furniture Mite Black at Berlin Mite 1
    • 12:45pm (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Notre Dame Arena Berlin, NH
    • Tag(s): Mite Black 
    • Nov
    • 29
    Concord Peewee 3 at Belmont Family Dental Center Peewee 2

    Upcoming Practices

    • Nov
    • 29
    • 10:50am-11:50am (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Laconia Ice Arena
    • Tag(s): Home 
    • Dec
    • 2
    Skills Session with Coach Trimble
    • 5:05pm- 6:00pm (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Laconia Ice Arena
    • Tag(s): Home 
    • Dec
    • 2
    Skills Session with Coach Trimble
    • 6:00pm- 6:55pm (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Laconia Ice Arena
    • Tag(s): Home 
    • Dec
    • 2
    Skills Session with Coach Trimble
    • 7:05pm- 8:05pm (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Laconia Ice Arena
    • Tag(s): Home 
    • Dec
    • 4
    • 5:15pm- 6:10pm (EST) Ical_event_icon
    • Laconia Ice Arena
    • Tag(s): Home