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Saturday March 26, 2016

Good morning - Rosters have been posted on the website for the 2016-2017 season. As discussed  in the try out meeting, a $200 per player, non-refundable deposit is due within 48 hours (by Monday morning 3/28/16). This deposit will secure your players' roster spot for the upcoming season. 

If your player is committed to playing for the Lakers in the 2016-2017 season, and you require a financial arrangement, please contact Treasurer, PJ Mohan via email at within this 48 hour time period. If you have any questions or issues with the link please email PJ Mohan. 

The link for your deposit is

Thanks we look forward to next years' season!

Call for photos

Please send me your best photos. Each week, I will post one on the home page. Include a caption (who is in it, game or practice, interesting info). Send them to the webmaster, Thank you.



Click Here for Laker Gear

For Laker Gear, Click Here




                 Looking forward to 2016/17!


Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Please join the Inter Lakes-Moultonborough Football Team/Family as they will be hosting a spaghetti supper and silent auction at Inter-Lakes Elementary Multipurpose Room on Tuesday May 24th from 5-8pm. The football team is coming together to support the Caswell Family during this difficult time as Kim battles cancer. Please stop by to support the Caswell Family during an evening of community gathering, delicious spaghetti supper served by the football team, live music, and silent auction. The football team/family has already raised several amazing silent auction items that you simply won’t want to miss out on! 

Suggested spaghetti supper donation of $10 per person.

New England Wolves

Please watch this 7 minute video to learn about the New England Wolves off the ice.

News From Scoring Concepts

Good Evening NH Hockey Players/ Parents-
I hope everyone had a terrific season! I am pleased to announce some new programs for Scoring Concepts Hockey this spring and summer.
Daily synthetic ice sessions are well underway (email to reserve a time) and weekly PSU on-ice training sessions will be starting the first week in July.  This summer I will be expanding to hold 3 weeklong camps this year.
+ Explosive Power Skating Camp- July 11-15, 2016.  This will be a half- day camp with an entire week focus on all components on an explosive power skating stride.  All activities at the beautiful Plymouth State University Campus. Jersey Included
+ PSU Summer Training Camp-  August 1-5, 2016.  This will be an all- day camp with 2 ice sessions, dryland, lunch and video.  All activities will take place right on the beautiful Plymouth State University Campus.  Jersey Included
+ Laconia Dryland and Street Hockey Camp- August 8-12, 2016.  This will be a morning off-ice camp at Laconia Ice Arena (utilizing the facility while the ice is removed for the summer).  Skills, drills and daily games.  T-shirt included
Please visit my website- for additional information or to register online.
Please email me with any questions-
I look forward to a great spring and summer of hockey training.
In addition,  New England Wolves JR Hockey program Life Coach ,Emily Clement, who is also our host family coordinator is looking for qualified host families for this upcoming season.  Please email her to connect!
Thank you very much
Andrew Trimble

Looking for a Goalie

The Lakes Region Lakers are looking for a goalie with a 2004/2005 birth year. For more information please contact Marcy at 

April Board Meeting

The Board of LRYHA will meet at 6 pm on April 19th at the Remax Offices 604 Main St. Laconia.

2016-2017 Lakes Region Rosters

Mite Black

Bekar, Drake

Byars, Colton

Cellupica, Christian

Drew, Brayden

Fusonie, Parker

Girard, Benjamin

Girard, Ethan

Kelly, Kylie

Londer, Rock

Svindland, Asher

Mite Red

Blouin, Kaden

Fields, Macey

Hughes, Tommy

Kelley, Shire

Lien, Jaxon

McClary, Cameron

Porter, Anthony

Rowley, Alex

Watson, Connor

Mite White

Bekar, Dax

Carney, Matthew

Carter, Noah

Combs, Shawn

Fuller, Will

Hall, Mason

Joyce, Jeffrey

Kenneson, Aiden

Parent, Austin

Taylor, Miles

Squirt 1

Bittle, Alexander

Ellis, Sean

Gerbig, Nathan

Guerin, Evan

Gunderson, Alex

Harris, Finbar

Javalgi, Micah

McGreevy, Carson (G)

McKenzie, Aidan

Sousa, Clinton

Taylor, Bronson

Turmel, Bryce

Squirt 2

Cotnoir, Caden

Cotnoir, Mason

Ellingson, Ethan

Embree, Jaxon

Gallagher, Makenzie

Gilbert, Sophia

Goodwin, Brendan

Irons, Gavin

Kenny, Patrick (G)

Mercier, Brayden

Sargent, Sean

Stefan, Lydia

Stefan, Riley

Squirt 3

Bialecki, Logan

Danforth, Christian

Gage, Jakai

Hallberg, Landon

Johnson, Isabelle

Lafrance, Nolan

Lien, Ava

Marchand-C, Gavin

Mondor, Olivia

Stafford, Aiden

Rabuck, Mariam

Peewee 1

Bickford, Ethan

Bittle, Zachary

Bousquet, Ryan

Cookinham, Geena

Rollins, Brody (G)

Rowley, Andrew

Sousa, Kyle

Spicuzza, Zachary

Tondreau, Griffin

Young, Kameron

Peewee 2

Carter, Isaac

Collins, Jackson

Doris, Rory

Fay, Mischa 

Goodwin, Patrick (G)

Irons, Sydney

Johnson, Gavin

Morin, Jaden

Shoemaker, Grady

Bantam 1

Gallagher, Trevor

Gardiner, Ben (G)

Gilbert, Zack

Jarvi, Cameron

McGreevy, Colin (G)

Mohan, Patrick

Paganini, Maximillian

Parent, Hayden

Pollak, Camille

Rumrey, Carter

Shirley, Nathan

Smith, Carter

Sousa, Michael

Spicuzza, Andrew

Bantam 2

Chassie, Trevor

Demers, Eddie

Ellingson, Eric

Flannery, Dylan

Moulton, Logan

Perry, Breydon

Riopel, Andrew

Robarge, William

Rollins, Evan (G)

Schmitt, Jeffrey

Schmitt, Philip

Stefan, Zoltan


Congratulations to Our 2016/17 Board Members

Marcy Kelly, P

Joe Spicuzza, VP

PJ Mohan, Treasurer

Trudy Kenny, Event Coordinator

Nancy Bickford, Webmaster

Jim Girard, Equipment Coordinator

Lynne Turmel, Sponsorship Coordinator

Andrew Desjardins Fund annual essay contest

Second Annual Andrew Desjardins Fund essay winner - Aidan McKenzie - $100 from the fund and $100 Piche's gift card


Mite Black Wins AAU Tourney

VOTE --- for Open Board Positions


****EACH FAMILY RECEIVES TWO VOTES, this is per family NOT per player

The following are candidates for open positions on our Board:

Treasurer - PJ Mohan (incumbent)

VP (scheduler) - Joe Spicuzza (incumbent) (letter of interest)

                           Ed Demers (letter of Interest)

Sponsorship Coordinator - Lynne Turmel (letter of interest)

Event Coordinator - Trudy Kenny (letter of interest)

                                Susan Bousquet

Webmaster - Nancy Bickford

Equipment Coordinator - Jim Girard (letter of interest)

Tryout for Free - No fee this year!

Please make sure your son/daughter tries out for the level they will be at next year.

NOTE:  There will be NO tryout fee this year.  Following tryouts, families will be required to put down a $200 per player deposit in order to secure a spot on the team they've been placed on.  This must be done within 48 hours of placement notification or the spot will be considered open.  If you have questions or need to make arrangements, please reach out to PJ Mohan,  

Registration for Tryouts is Open

In order to tryout, you must register by March 18th.  

Follow this link to register: 

All in the family. Rooting at the Seacoast Tournament.

Closing Ceremonies Date Set

Closing ceremonies will be held Friday, March 25th @ 6:45.  Please be sure your player is ready to go by 6:40 and wears their black jersey (red for mini-mites).  They must wear their helmets the entire time on the ice.  

Voting for open board positions will take place from 6:15-6:45.  Candidates for those positions will be announced soon - please check the website for updates.

Squirts Win

Squirts Win!

PW2 = Seacoast Champs

PW2 Wins Seacoast Championship


Peewees Win!!!

Coaches Needed

‚ÄčWe are looking for coaches! 

If you are interested, follow this link:

No experience necessary!

Board Restructing Discussion

The Board proposes restructuring for many reasons.  Our proposed change goes from 11 positions to 13, asking for more people to be involved in different capacities.  We did propose to change the number of positions that vote because one of the continuing struggles is attendance at Board meetings.  We want input from all parties to inform our decisions, but recognize that not all can make the commitment to be at monthly meetings.  The Executive Board are members that need to be involved in nearly every decision/discussion had by the Board and have significant obligations throughout the year.  Again, we recognize that not all can make this commitment and wanted to be able to offer an alternative to those wanting to get involved.  The other piece that you may not realize is that we changed some appointed positions, making them elected so that membership has a voice in who is serving in what capacity.

The Board will hear feedback in writing through 3/14 and meet to review feedback and finalize a decision that will be clearly outlined for membership following a meeting on 3/16.

Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via email @ or via phone at (603) 455-0120.

Board Restructuring Proposal

Way To Go, Lakers!

What a fantastic weekend for Laker Nation! Our players showed up and showed off at the Heyliger Tourney in Dover! Great job Mini mite, Mite White and Mite Red teams! 

And, we took the Marlboro Winter Classic by storm with three teams coming home as champions and two with runner-up finishes. 

Great job by all! Thank you all for your dedication and grit...hard work pays off. 

Go Lakers!!!
Peewee 2 Teams win Marlboro Tournament

Peewee 2 Teams Win Marlboro Tournament!!

Mini-Mites at the Manchester Monarchs 1/23

Austin, Dillon & Connor waiting for the game to start

Mite Whites Playing on Wolves Ice

The Mite White team scrimmaged during the first intermission of the Wolves game on Saturday. There was non-stop end to end action. 

Mite White Team Joins Wolves For Pregame Speech

Top-rt to lft: Ethan Girard, Christian Danforth, Christian Cellupica, Mariam Rabuck, Ben Girard, Kylie Kelly, Bottom-rt to lft: Logan Bialecki, Alex Rowley, Colton Byars, Landon Hallberg

Minis and Learn To Skaters heading onto the ice!

Minis and Learn To Skaters heading onto the ice!

Dedicated Laker Fans (and they brought the whole gang) watching big bro play.

Dedicated Laker Fans (and they brought the whole gang) Watching Big Brother Play and He Watches Them!

LRYHA In-Season Skill Development Program

Here is the progressive skill development program for the 2015-16 season with LRYHA:

September/ October:

Powerskating-  Including... Stops/ Starts, Quick Starts, The forward stride & Arm Swing, 

Crossovers, Edge control, Backwards , Lateral footwork, Pivot, Transitional moves, Skating 

Agility included.


Puck Skills- Hand/ Eye Coordination, Passing & Receiving, Stickhandling, Puck Protection and 

1 on 1 moves.


Shooting: Players will be taken through with detailed instruction all types of shots including, 

Wrist, Snap, Slap, Backhand, Rebound/ Net chances, 1-timers and more.


Battle Month- Practicing 1 on 1's, 2 on 2's, small area puck protection and more.


Team Concepts- Angling, Cycling, Odd Man situations, Regroups and transitions.  

* Last night of the program will feature "NHL- Style" Skills Competition.

Each session will feature an opening warmup (5-12minutes), instruction, training & drills (20-

35minutes) fun & games (10-12minutes), and the sessions will be Age- appropriate and 

uptempo, with the focus on a large amount of repetitions, activity, and FUN.

Laker Nation


Up Coming Games

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Upcoming Practices

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